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Our new program, the Essence of Me Apostolic Academy has been created to help people get to know the Holy Trinity, equip individuals for ministry and other areas of service in the Kingdom of God.

We provide a Bible education, support, and practical experience to help equip students as they set out to honor their calling from God. 

Students will receive biblical-theological studies while developing their practical skills and talents in preparation for a life of Christian ministry service. Upon completion of the courses, they will be ordained as a minister of God.

Classes with begin September 6, 2022.

Tuition:  $50 per course ($153 value). The course price point was established by God so people can increase their Bible knowledge at an affordable price. 

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Thank you for your support in the furthering of God’s Word and Will upon the Earth.


Year 1

Strategies for Success 101

Strategies for Success 102

The Holy Trinity and Getting Know Them

Life of Jesus and His Ministry

Faith, Hope, and Love


Healing and Deliverance 101

Baptism of Water and the Holy Spirit

Life of the Believer

Five Fold Ministry

Prophetic  Training 101

How to Study the Bible




Joshua – Ruth


Year 2 

1st Samuel – 2 Samuel

1st Kings – 2 Kings

1 Chronicles – 2 Chronicles

Ezra – Esther

Wisdom Literature

Healing and Deliverance 102

Prophetic Training 102

Major Prophets

Minor Prophets


Healing and Deliverance 103

Acts – Church History

21 Epistles

Revelation – A Prophecy

Financial Strategies and Generational Wealth

How to Use Your Giftings and Talents in Ministry

How to Start Your Own Ministry

Each student must complete 250 ministry hours within the 2 year program.

Students will be assigned to a mentor to help them develop their ministerial skills.

Upon completion of the program, you will be ordained as a minister and have the opportunity to work along with Divine Healing Ministries of GA to provide services to the community or we will support you as you set up in your ministry.



Apostle Dr. Shatillia McFarlin-Ball

CEO/President of 

Divine Healing Ministries of GA, 

Co-Founder/Instructor of Essence of Me 

Apostolic Academy

Apostle Annie Flowers

Co-Founder/Instructor of 

Essence of Me Apostolic Academy

Prophet Dr. Elan Felders

Instructor of Essence of Me Apostolic Academy