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Divine Healing Ministries of Ga is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. We serve the underserved, under- and uninsured population in Georgia, by providing healthcare, spiritual counseling, and emotional support where it is needed. Our mission is to minister to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of individuals and families that so often fall through the cracks of the system because they just can’t afford proper care.


First and foremost, we are committed to sharing God’s Word with communities in Ga. We believe in practical ministry; hence we not only share the spoken Word but also put it into practice by showing compassion and providing for the physical needs of those who suffer lack. We also believe that health and wellness must be approached holistically. To bring about real and lasting change, we must provide care for the whole person. For this reason, our ministry comprises a range of services ranging from mobile clinics that provide basic healthcare to ministry outreaches and support structures to attend to the emotional and spiritual well-being of those who come to us for help.


We welcome volunteers. If you would like to help by volunteering your time by serving your local community or even hosting a community clinic day at your location, we would love to hear from you. Click here to download our volunteer application.

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